Constellations de Metz 2019For the 3rd edition, the "Constellations de Metz" festival returns with a renewed and bold program, discover it from 20th June to 7th September 2019.

A true artistic, heritage and urban immersion, Constellations de Metz invites an interpretation of the city through the eyes of artists from all over the world around a dominant theme: digital arts, linked to the Art & Tech identity of Metz Métropole.

This year, Constellations de Metz is inspired by the 50th anniversary of the first step of Man on the Moon and the desire to promote and invest the presence of water in Metz, an ecological focus, through several artistic projects around the Comédie/Les Iles district, along the Moselle and Seille rivers.

Throughout the summer, artistic and digital installations, immersive devices, video mapping, street-art interventions, contemporary installations etc. will draw a new map of the city, inviting the public to stroll around and discover original works, which revisit the historical, urban and garden heritage of Metz. In parallel with these artistic journeys, several highlights will punctuate the summer: concerts, performances, shows and major exhibitions of contemporary art.

Now a recognized festival, visited by a public of 950,000 spectators in 2018 and receiving significant national media coverage, Constellations de Metz is positioning itself as one of the major cultural summer events in France.

"Morphosis", a new video mapping

Created by Vincent Masson (conception) and the collective SIN~ (sound creation), the video mapping "Morphosis" will be projected on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings onto Saint Etienne's Cathedral.

"Morphosis" will show the polymorphic character of the building, modulated by its own historical narrative. Just as physical light is transformed by stained glass, the experience will reformulate certain historical events in contact with the building by providing them with new forms and temporalities. Light is a cultural material here, composed of the historical evolutions of the city of Metz. The cathedral, this "Lantern of God", will become a plural surface of history(ies), metamorphosing to meet them.
(Excerpt from Vincent Masson's artistic intention note)


Three artistic tours through the city

"Digital Stones- Pierres Numériques" circuit

Combining art and technology, the "Digital Stones" tour offers a night stroll punctuated by installations and digital and poetic creations. This walk reveals to visitors all the riches of Metz's heritage by investing them with art: video installations, projections, mapping, immersive audio-visual devices, original compositions, etc.

This year, the route takes in new spaces in the city, with some fifteen artistic and digital creations, ranging from Metz Métropole's Cour d'Or museum to the Les Îles district, along the Moselle, place de la Comédie, around the Temple Neuf, the Fabert garden, the Hôtel de Région and the Basilique Saint-Vincent, as well as the Saint Etienne's cathedral and the new video mapping creation "Morphosis".

“Street Art” circuit

The Street Art route allows artists from different horizons to appropriate the urban space and change our view of the city. A real open-air gallery, with graffiti, installations, drawings and paintings, the route presents eighteen works, five of which are intended to be permanent. Indeed, this year, three projects are particularly in line with the City's approach to promote art in the public space by enriching its streets with artistic creations.

As in the 2018 edition, the route of the Mettis line (clean public transport) is the main theme of this artistic stroll, with creations installed from the Centre Pompidou-Metz to the Agora and taking over the city's walls, facades and urban furniture.

"Art and Gardens" circuit

A garden city and a pioneer in urban ecology, Metz is one of the greenest cities in France and has many gardens in its centre. This year, the Art and Gardens tour highlights all the richness and diversity of the city's green spaces, which are becoming the scene of a dialogue between heritage and contemporary art.

Several artistic and contemporary creations mark out the walk along the water, from the Germans' gate, along the ramparts to the place de la Comédie, then along the Moselle and the Plan d'eau, towards Metz's Botanical Garden.

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Floating terraces

This year, Constellations de Metz decided to take-over and promote the presence of water in the city. Floating terraces will therefore be installed this summer on the banks of the Moselle, on the Quai des Régates, in order to offer residents and visitors an atypical place to relax.


A new place of conviviality, this space represents the landmark of the event, in particular, of artistic journeys. Festival-goers will be able to enjoy a guinguette and a terrace on the water and stop there for a choice of food, entertainment, meetings, exchanges, drinks... in an exceptional setting.


Les terrasses flottantes

© hapax-architectures

The Frigos Ardents

Following the rehabilitation project of the city's former cold stores, "Les Frigos Ardents" is a new socio-cultural living space in the heart of the city of Metz.

Nestled between the former army cold stores and the river Seille, the public is invited to discover this crazy dance hall!

On the agenda: an eco-responsible restaurant, local beers, a dance floor, concerts, booms, shows, workshops and community meetings...


Les Frigos Ardents

© Petite Lune

A rich range of shows and exhibitions

The offer of shows will punctuate the weekends in Metz with a rich program: symphony and electro concerts, dance shows, open-air cinema, conferences...

Constellations de Metz will also offer you a series of prestigious exhibitions, including those of the Centre Pompidou-Metz: "L'Aventure de la couleur", "Lee Ufan. Living in time", "Rebecca Horn. Theatre of Metamorphoses", "Opéra Monde. The quest for a total art".

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