University campuses (Technopôle, Saulcy, Bridoux), Grandes Écoles d'Ingénieurs, research institutes, professional high schools, CFA and CFAI... so many structures, courses and educational establishments that you can integrate to lead complete your studies and schooling in the Metz Eurometropolis.

Diversity of training offers

A very diversified offer: initial training, professional/work-study training, adult training. Training themes: international, Franco-German, Franco-American, FLE (French as a Foreign Language), law, management, letters, engineering sciences, human sciences, Fine Arts, etc.

European technological campus

An exceptional concentration of skills and tools in higher education, research, innovation and technological transfer (CEATech, IRT M2P, Institut Lafayette, LEM3, LGPM, LIEC and Grandes Écoles - CentraleSupélec, ENSAM, Georgia Tech Lorraine, University of Lorraine/ENIM , ESITC, ISFATES, IAE).


Student life

The Metz Eurometropolis organizes, each year at the end of September, a “Students in my City” festival to welcome its new students and welcome them to the territory (competition, treasure hunt, exchanges/questions/dialogue, presentation of the territory , presence of local associations, etc.).


Student housing

A CROUS housing stock exists in the Eurometropolis (access on request and subject to resource conditions - scale set up by the government). You can also stay in an apartment in the private real estate portfolio, studios, affordable apartments (also hotel residence solutions for students) are for rent near the places of study.

Academic, consular and associative partner networks

Organizations can support you in your efforts (grant application, student entrepreneurship, student jobs, social action, etc.). For more information, contact the Inspire Metz agency.