ISFATES –Franco-German Institute of Technology, Economy and Science  

Franco-German: an international passport 


A winning European university thanks to its double and triple diplomas.

2 universities: University of Lorraine / HTW Saar (Saarbrucken) 
7 subject areas, 3 management and 4 engineering  

In management, students can choose between the Science of Management, Tourism or Logistics.
In engineering, the choice is between Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering (triple diploma), ISICE (Electrical Engineering) and Information Technology.


A guaranteed international future 

Each subject area is in demand on the competitive job market. 
Students have a high employability rate. 


Students who travel 

The international nature of the Institute combines a course leading to a diploma over 10 semesters, with 6 to 7 semesters spent abroad. 
Internships and interdisciplinary projects complete their intercultural skills. 
The students become culturally savvy and adaptable.   

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