The University of Lorraine, a complete higher education programme


The University of Lorraine is home to 62,000 students, over 7,600 vocational trainees and more than 2,800 apprentices, at all levels of training, in all fields of study, and in 43 educational components spread throughout Lorraine. 

All the higher education diplomas are available at the University of Lorraine

Whether it's for initial training or further along the career path, the university supports each individual in realising their projects.

The University of Lorrain covers a wide range of subject areas: the arts, literature, languages, law, economy, management, teaching, humanities and social sciences, technologies and engineering, health and sport.

A wide variety! 

Spread over 13 campuses, the courses include 41 bachelor's degrees, 21 BUT (Bachelor University of Technology), 95 professional bachelor's degrees, 203 master's degrees, 19 engineering diplomas, 168 university diplomas. Many of these courses are available as a sandwich course. It is also possible to enter the University without the baccalaureate, via the DAEU (Diplôme d'Accès aux Études Universitaires) entry course.

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© Université de Lorraine